Fiesta Treat or Goodie Bags


What should I use for the treat bag? 

You can use a number of items to place your goodies inside, just make sure it is securely closed. Some ideas are:


What should I put inside?

Fill your bag with inexpensive fun and yummy goodies!


Candy or Foods:

Kisses or Mini Candy Bars

Gum, Lollipops, Licorice

Pretzels, Potato Chips or Microwave Popcorn 

Cookies or Granola Bars

Nuts, Sunflowers Seeds, Raisins or Fruit Rolls

Note: all items must be store bought and individually wrapped by brand. 


Non-Food Items:

Bubble Bottles


Mini Playdough or Slime

Mini Slinky

Kazoo, Mini Maraca or Whistle

Crayons, pen or pencils

Party Favors





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