Top 5 Latino Foodie Film

5) Off The Menu (2017) Romance / Comedy  PG

Cast: Dania RamirezSantino FontanaMaria Conchita Alonso

A just single, third generation of the big Tortilla Hut chain has to find a new dish for the chain. He meets a cute, superb chef in a New Mexican village restaurant.

4) Tortilla Soup (2001) Romance / Comedy PG-13 

Cast: Héctor Elizondo, Elizabeth Peña, Raquel Welch

Semi-retired Mexican-American chef Martin Naranjo shares a suburban Los Angeles home with his three adult daughters. Although he has lost the senses of smell and taste since his wife's death, he still cooks elaborate, multi-course meals for his family and friends. The women humor their father's old-fashioned ways, but each is searching for fulfillment outside the family circle.

3) East Side Sushi (2014) Drama PG

Cast: Diana Elizabeth Torres, Yutaka Takeuchi

An immigrant single mother disenfranchised by her regular life decides to take a chance working at a Japanese restaurant and realises her dreams to become a sushi chef to provide a better future to her family.

2) Chef (2014) Comedy/Drama PG-13 

Cast: Jon Favreau, Sofía VergaraJohn LeguizamoScarlett JohanssonOliver PlattBobby CannavaleDustin HoffmanRobert Downey Jr.

Chef is a 2014 American road comedy-drama film directed, written, co-produced by, and starring Jon Favreau as a chef who, after a public altercation with a food critic, loses his job at a popular Los Angeles restaurant and begins to operate a food truck with his young son

1) Like Water for Chocolate (1992) Drama / Romance R

Cast: Marco LeonardiLumi CavazosRegina Torné

In a forgotten Mexico village Tita and Pedro fall in love, but their marriage is forbidden as to traditions. Mother Elena sees Tita's role as her caretaker for life - no youngest daughter has ever married and her daughter will not be the first to break tradition. Tita's heart breaks when her mother offers Pedro her sister instead of her, and he accepted it just to live near Tita- he says. Now they live in the same house, and mother Elena cannot forbid their love as she did their marriage.


Off the Menu

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